Wally '21 - Split Billfold Wallet in Virgilio Pho-Gater

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The Wally ‘21 ( Walley Cleaver) is a full size wallet with a split billfold section. The 4 card slots allow from 4 to 16 cards to easy slide in and out. The billfold area can hold bills, receipts and cards as well.

The wallet is solid in your hand, and we use the highest quality suede (used on high end shoes) on the interior.

We are also using a new process on the edges. We sand the edges many times with 6 different sanding papers, after each sand we polish with a canvas. After all of the sanding is done we then polish and seal the edges with the Japanese edge finish, Tokonole, this produces a glass like edge.

The wallets are all hand cut & then saddle stitched, using 2 needles and 2 hands. We use the amazing Italian Virgilio Pho-Gater for the exterior of this wallet. The interior pockets are made with Horween's DHF leather. The interiors are lined with a top quality 3 to 4 oz suede leather.

For hand sewing we use the amazing Twist thread.

See pictures for Leather & Thread choices.

As a great gift, have the initials heat stamped in.

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