Leather is far more eco-friendly than alternative options. There is a common misconception that cattle are raised and killed for their hides. Cattle are raised to produce beef for the beef industry. The left over hides would go to waste if it were not for the leather industry making use of them through "up-cycling."


It drives me crazy when I hear someone talking about “VEGAN LEATHER” and Recycled Vinyl. This is VINYL..PLAIN & SIMPLE... the polution and poison that this industry produces is insane... and to make matters worse, a handbag made of vinyl would last a year under regular use, producing more toxic garabage. I am all about recycling, up-cycled and sustainability, but what about creating something that won’t be thrown out? My motto is Non-Disposable leather goods... Each piece is built for life. In our world of disposable products, DiG leather goods are meant to last a lifetime, and longer. The materials I use and the craftsmanship are of the very best quality, and stand the test of time. I would be honored if they were handed down from the original owners to other generations.”